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Our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten – a boost of holiday happiness

The scenery in front of our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten can be described in one word: spectacular. When you look at the Dolomite peaks of Nove/Neuner, Dieci/Zehner, Undici/Elfer, Dodici/Zwölfer, and Una/Einser, which tower into the sky, you immediately realise that you have arrived in a paradise for mountain bikers. Between the rocks of the Dolomites, in the lush green woods, or on the tranquil Alpine pastures, countless mountain bike trails can be found which are at the top of the bucket list of passionate bikers. Riding in the shade of the world-famous “pale mountains” is the greatest experience for many cyclists. At our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, this dream becomes a reality. Embedded in this magnificent setting, you will find everything around our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten that makes your biker heart beat faster: from the easy valley bike path to idyllic or strenuous trails, to fast-paced downhill stretches. Hop on the saddle and enjoy a ride in the heart of the Dolomites!

MTB tours in Sesto/Sexten and border crossing bike experiences

Our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten is the perfect holiday retreat for those who love to explore the lush Val Pusteria/Pustertal and the beautiful world of the Dolomites on two wheels. If you prefer a more leisurely approach, you will love the Val Pusteria/Pustertal bike path, which runs along the river Rienza/Rienz from Rio di Pusteria/Mühlbach in South Tyrol to Lienz in East Tyrol. Of course, the 105-kilometre classic can also be mastered in stages. Further highlights are the Drava/Drau bike path from San Candido/Innichen to Lienz, the bike path from Sesto/Sexten to San Candido/Innichen, and the leisurely mountain bike tour into Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal, which begins directly in front of our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten. Those who prefer to ride their bikes at higher altitudes will be spoilt for choice. Five very different mountains can be explored near our hotel in Sesto/Sexten: the Baranci/Haunold, the Stiergarten, the Monte Elmo/Helm, the Croda Rossa/Rotwand, and the Col d'la Tenda in the neighbouring region of Belluno.

The bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten – made for your cycling adventures

The Sesto/Sexten Dolomites are an absolute dream region for bike adventures in a class of their own. No matter if you’re a beginner, a leisure cyclist, or a professional – around our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, you will find a lot of routes that you will love. The experts of the Bike Academy Sesto/Sexten Dolomites know the area around the Three Peaks like the back of their hand. In special riding technique courses, the professionals will prepare you for big adventures. The tours start at the Bike Academy Sesto/Sexten Dolomites near our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten. Together, you will set off on the great adventure that leads to Braies/Pragser lake, over the idyllic Alpine pastures up to spectacular peaks. Prerequisites are good physical condition, an appetite for adventure, and a proper assessment of your skills.

Stoneman: MTB tours in Sesto/Sexten for the toughest bikers out there

The legendary Stoneman Trail knows no mercy for the calves and is an absolute must for bikers who wants to prove something to themselves. It’s no wonder that the Transalp winner and multiple Dolomitenmann winner Roland Stauder came up with this adventure course. The Stoneman Trail stretches over 120 km, with more than 4,000 metres of altitude to climb, takes you to undreamt-of corners of the Dolomites. The unique Stoneman trophy is awarded to those who complete the entire tour in one, two, or three days with a total of five checkpoints (Cornetto di Confine/Markinkele 2,545 m, Sillianerhütte hut 2,447 m, Passo Silvella 2,329 m, Valgrande 1,362 m, mountain station Croda Rossa/Rotwand 1,900 m). Do you want to conquer the Stoneman Trail together with the race’s creator himself? As a partner of the Stoneman, our bike hotel in Sexten offers a guided bike tour with Roland Stauder once a week at a special price. 

Experience the perfect flow: Enduro Trails near the bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten

Enduro Trails are like a fine wine – intoxicating and with a magnificent finish. The Erla Trail on the Stiergarten and the Franchi Tiratori/Standschützen Trail on the Croda Rossa/Rotwand are just two examples. There is good news for those who don’t want to use all their energy on the ascend: with the 3 Zinnen Mountain Card, you can use the ascent facilities with your bike free of charge and however often you like (except Baranci/Haunold). The Erla Trail can be reached by the cable car Drei Zinnen near our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten. From the Stiergarten mountain station, the route leads over abandoned paths over hill and dale back to the valley. The Franchi Tiratori/Standschützen trail used by the Austrian Rifle Guard during the First World War is not for the faint-hearted; it can only be used when accompanied by a bike guide. With the cable car, you soar from Sesto/Sexten to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand mountain station, where you can drop down towards pure biking bliss. On the old supply paths from the First World War, you can ride down with high speed back to our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten.

Discover the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites and Val Pusteria/Pustertal by MTB

Those who spend their holidays at our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten want one thing above all else: to return once again. The selection of worthwhile tours around our wellness hotel in Sesto/Sexten is huge, which means one stay is not enough to discover them all. We all know them and would be happy to help you choose the right tour at our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten.

So that you have an overview of the possibilities, we have put together a small selection of tours for you – from leisure tours to wonderfully challenging tours that take great strength and endurance.

Valley bike path from Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal to Lienz

Distance: 46 km
Duration: 2-3 hours
Altitude difference: 500 m
Difficulty: easy

The 46 km valley bike path from Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal to Lienz is ideal for families and all those who want to spend a leisure day riding bikes between one challenging mountain bike tour and the other. The tour, which is suitable for all types of bikes, begins in San Candido/Innichen, just a few kilometres from our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten. The start in Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal is higher than the finish in Lienz, which is why the tour can be completed without much effort. The return journey to San Candido/Innichen, Dobbiaco/Toblach, or Villabassa/Niederdorf takes place in a comfortable bike train with its own wagon for bikes. If you run out of energy after the outward journey, you can take the train back to the starting point.

Valley bike path from Alta Pusteria/Hochpustertal to Brunico/Bruneck

Distance: approx. 35 km
Duration: 3 hours
Altitude difference: 400 m, but with a few quite exhausting sections
Difficulty: intermediate

On this bike journey, you will get to know the beauty of Val Pusteria/Pustertal! From our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, first drive to San Candido/Innichen, where the bike path begins. The tour takes you along partly paved, well-maintained gravel paths past lush green meadows, quiet forests, and idyllic villages to Brunico/Bruneck, a medieval gem of a city. If you don’t have enough energy to make the return, you can take the train back to San Candido/Innichen.

Through Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal

Distance: 7.7 km
Duration: 1 hour 
Altitude difference: 170 m 
Difficulty: easy

This tour into Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal is guaranteed to captivate you. Past lush flower meadows, ancient larch forests, and the impressive rock faces of the Sesto/Sexten Sundial, this easy tour takes you from our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten through the Three Peaks Nature Park to the Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte hut. The return journey takes place along the same route.

Sesto/Sexten – Monte Croce/Kreuzberg – Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiese

Distance: 33.5 km
Altitude difference: 1,032 m 
Difficulty: very difficult
Duration: 3 ¼ hours

The technically difficult tour leads from our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten up to the Mitterberg fortress and over a partly very steep gravel path to the Alpe di Nemes/Nemesalm hut and finally down to the Passo Monte Croce/Kreuzberg pass. Here begins the next ascent, which takes you to the beautiful Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiese, a treasure in the Dolomites. A steep but easy forest road takes you back to the starting point.

Sesto/Sexten – Monte Elmo/Helm

Distance: 36.5 km
Altitude difference: 1,272 m 
Difficulty: very difficult 
Duration: 4 ½ hours

No sweat, no reward – that’s the motto of this tour. A very long and steep ascent takes you to new heights. Especially the very steep stretch after the Leckfeldalm hut requires strength and endurance. Once at the top, the magnificent panorama of Sesto/Sexten and Val Pusteria/Pustertal will make you forget about the journey’s difficulty. After the Leckfeldsattel, proceed downhill back to our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten.

San Candido/Innichen – Malga S. Silvestro/Silvesteralm hut (ascent from Dobbiaco/Toblach)

Distance: 24.6 km
Altitude difference: 650 m 
Difficulty: Easy to intermediate 
Duration: 2-2 ½ hours

Near the Kaiserwasser factory, at the end of the western exit of San Candido/Innichen, take a paved country road (bike path San Candido/Innichen – Dobbiaco/Toblach) to the Dobbiaco/Toblach railway station. The tour follows the road from Dobbiaco/Toblach in the direction of Valle San Silvestro/Wahlen to the Rifugio Genziana/Enzianhütte hut. After a slight hill, continue on the paved road. Following an easy forest road along the Silvestro/Silvesterbach stream, reach the San Silvestro/Silvesteralm hut, continue riding straight ahead.

Sesto/Sexten – Valle Campo di Dentro/Innerfeldtal – Rifugio Tre Scarperi/Dreischusterhütte hut

Distance: 22.4 km
Altitude difference: 520 m
Difficulty: easy to intermediate
Duration: 1 ½ hours

From our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, first ride to San Candido/Innichen and further to the fork in the road “Bagni di San Candido/Heilquellen Wildbad” at the entrance to the Valle Campo di Dentro/Innerfeldtal. Now, follow the sign “Rifugio Tre Scarperi/Dreischusterhütte”. The paved road leads moderately uphill to a large car park. Along a gravel road, you will reach the Rifugio Tre Scarperi/Dreischusterhütte hut, which is surrounded by impressive rock faces. A simple but rewarding trail takes you back to the Sesto/Sexten valley.

Sesto/Sexten – San Candido/Innichen – forest trail to Dobbiaco/Toblach lake

Altitude difference: 50 m 
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1 ½ hour 

From our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, first drive to San Candido/Innichen to the Sportzentrum Erschbaum sports centre. Turn left onto the forest trail in the direction of Dobbiaco/Toblach. The easy path leads past the source of the Drava/Drau river and the shooting range and joins the main road to Cortina near the Pension Emma in Dobbiaco/Toblach. Cross the road at Hotel Santer and cycle along the Dobbiaco/Toblach–Cortina bike path to Dobbiaco/Toblach lake, a treasure in the Alps.

To the Cornetto di Confine/Marchinkele

Distance: 57.5 km
Altitude difference: 1,740 m
Difficulty: difficult
Duration: 6 ¾ hours

From our bike hotel in Sesto/Sexten, first go to San Candido/Innichen and then to Dobbiaco/Toblach. An old military road from the First World War leads directly to the Cornetto di Confine/Marchinkele. Not only the ascent, but also the captivating panorama of the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites and the Three Peaks will take your breath away. The challenging descent over the Dobbiaco/Toblach high-altitude trail to the Malga S. Silvestro/Silvesteralm is as spectacular as the view.