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Hiking in Sesto/Sexten – the sky is within reach

Just one glance at the impressive Sesto/Sexten Sundial is enough to forget everyday life. Experience the here and now while hiking in Sesto/Sexten and savour the wonderful feeling of freedom with every step. Whether in idyllic Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal, on the lush green Alpine meadows between archaic rock faces or at the very top of the mountain – you can experience the wonders of nature up close while hiking in Sesto/Sexten.

Children can look forward to the exciting themed trails and unique experience in nature, which you will find very close to our wellness hotel in South Tyrol. Behind every corner, there is a new surprise waiting for the little ones, who playfully get to know the geology, plants, and animals. This makes hiking in Sesto/Sexten a lot of fun. While leisure hikers discover the diversity of the South Tyrolean Alpine pastures, mountaineers storm the next summit and climbers enjoy the famous rock faces. There are no limits when hiking in Sesto/Sexten. What are you waiting for? Follow the call of the Dolomites!

Our hiking hotel in Sesto/Sexten – your dream hotel in the Dolomites

Is your world the mountains? Then spend your next holiday at our hiking hotel in Sesto/Sexten. We are well prepared for your mountain adventure. Rucksacks, Nordic walking or hiking poles, rain ponchos, compasses, and hiking maps – you can borrow all this free of charge at our wellness hotel in Sesto/Sexten. But that’s not all: on our guided hikes, with our hiking guide Luis you will discover new paths and the most beautiful places in the region of the magical Three Peaks.

If you prefer to discover the Dolomites alone, but still need tips on hiking in Sesto/Sexten, we are always here to help and offer you our recommendations. We know the Dolomite world like the back of our hand and have a few insider tips for hiking in Sesto/Sexten ready for you. Discover the variety of possibilities while hiking in Sesto/Sexten. Whether you are looking for a leisurely hike in the valley, an impressive high-altitude trail, or a challenging circular tour – our hotel is the perfect starting point for your mountain tours in Sesto/Sexten.

Hiking in Sesto/Sexten: the best tips for leisure hikers and climbers

Hiking in Sesto/Sexten is the highlight of the year for many guests. The number of rewarding mountain tours in Sesto/Sexten is almost never-ending. So that you don’t lose track of what’s available, we have put together some hiking tips for you here. Experience the peak of holiday happiness and enjoy hiking in Sesto/Sexten.

Rifugio Antonio Locatelli/Drei Zinnen Hütte hut

From the Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte hut, hike through the untouched Alpe dei Piani/Altsteintal at the foot of the impressive Cima Una/Einserkofel north face in approx. 2 hours up to the Laghi dei Piani/Bödenseen lakes and further to the Rifugio Antonio Locatelli/Drei Zinnen Hütte hut at 2,405 m. A great mountain panorama forms the backdrop of this hike.

Circumnavigation of the Three Peaks

They are the most famous and probably also the most beautiful rock formation of the Dolomites: The Three Peaks. Hiking around them is undoubtedly a highlight during your hiking holiday in Sesto/Sexten. The tour starts at the Auronzo hut and leads first to the Lavaredo hut, then over the Forcella Lavaredo/Paternsattel, and at the foot of the Monte Paterno/Cima Paterno/Paternkofel to a fork in the road. Follow the signs to the Rifugio Antonio Locatelli/Drei Zinnen Hütte hut and then the trail markings to the Lange Alm until you reach the starting point.

Rifugio Comici/Zsygmondyhütte hut

From the Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte hut, this hike takes about 2 hours. It leads between imposing rock faces to a high plateau on which the Rifugio Comici/Zsygmondyhütte hut sits like an eagle’s nest at 2,224 m at the foot of the mighty Croda dei Toni/Zwölferkofel. The fantastic panoramic view and the culinary specialties make you forget the effort it took to reach the top.

Monte Quaternà/Knieberg

From the Pass Monte Croce/Kreuzbergpass, first go to the Malga Nemes/Alpe Nemes hut. From here, a slightly ascending forest path leads you towards the east up to the Passo Silvella/Kniebergsattel. Turn left here. Hike over the southeast ridge on a switchback trail to the easy summit, which is 2,503 metres above sea level. This panorama is a must-see if you plan on hiking in Sesto/Sexten.

Summit victory of the Monte Casella di Dentro/Innergsell

Walk from Sesto/Sexten in approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours over a steep but shady path directly up to the Monte Casella di Dentro/Innergsell at 2,065 m. The view of the Dolomites with the famous Sesto/Sexten Sundial is simply spectacular. On the way, you will encounter traces of the First World War. To return, carry on along the Ramischköfel down into the Rio Bäris/Graben des Bärisbachs and further into Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal.

Outdoor experience Monte Casella di Fuori/Außergsell

If you are looking for peace and quiet while hiking in Sesto/Sexten, then we recommend a tour to the simple summit of Monte Casella di Fuori/Außergesell. The path leads you in 2 ½ to 3 hours through the colourful blossoming Alpine meadows, past rustic huts to the secluded summit. The descent takes you to the Valle Campo di Dentro/Innerfeldtal and back to our hotel in Sesto/Sexten.

The Monte Elmo/Helm lookout mountain

Do you want to enjoy a magnificent view while hiking in Sesto/Sexten? Then you have to visit the Monte Elmo/Helm. The hike, which starts in Sesto/Sexten, takes about 4 hours. Once at the top, you can enjoy a dreamy view of the Sesto/Sexten Sundial. Of course, you can also take the cable car up to the top and with your children, immerse yourselves in the Opler’s Mountain Adventure World.

Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen – Passo di Monte Croce/Kreuzbergpass

Old war paths follow along this easy but impressive hike. The cable car takes you up to the charming Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen. Follow the well-marked path number 15, which leads you through meadows, forests, and beneath bizarre rock formations to the Passo di Monte Croce/Kreuzbergpass. The descent takes you first to the Signaue and then via the Sesto/Sexten circular path back to the starting point.

Moso/Moos – Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen

From Sesto/Sexten-Moso/Moos, hike on moderately steep forest paths to the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen. Would you like to experience even more while hiking in Sesto/Sexten? Then hike from the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen further up to the former castle stables at 2,168 m. This challenging hike takes about 45 minutes. Alternatively, you can also hike in 2 hours to the Crostone di Croda Rossa/Rotwandköpfe at 2,345 m in 2.5 hours. The 360-degree view of the surrounding Dolomite mountains is magnificent.

Embrace the Dolomites on these mountain tours in Sesto/Sexten

Sesto/Sexten is an absolute Eldorado for climbers. The Three Peaks have always been a place of longing for daring rock climbers. Alpine history was and continues to be written here. If you haven’t just come to Sesto/Sexten for a hike, but want to be at the top and see the world from above, then the various climbing tours are just right for you. Below, you will find a small but wonderful selection of climbing routes.

Summit tour to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand peak

This easy via ferrata, which nevertheless requires sure-footedness, a head for heights, and mountain experience, takes you up to the local mountain of Sesto/Sexten in 5-6 hours. Take the cable car up to the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen (1,925 m). Behind the Rudi hut, the trail 100 soon leads upwards through the forest, around the Crostone di Croda Rossa/Rotwandköpfe (2,477 m), and on the west side to a divide. Turn left here, over steep slopes up to a grassy ridge with a view of the Cima Undici/Elfer north face. Now, change to the east side of the Crostone di Croda Rossa/Rotwandköpfe, reach a steep ridge over scree and climb up to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand northern ridge. On its left side now up to a small point, where the path 15 b from Castelliere/Burgstall joins. Now, climb a 20-metre high steep drop through gullies and over rock steps (fixed rope, most difficult passage of the whole ascent) to reach the terraces above and the ledge, which we follow to the left to an opening in the rock. From there, we go right around a rock head and reach the summit cross (2,939 m); from Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Wonderful view of the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites. The descent is via the ascent path to the junction of path 15b. On this over scree to Castelliere/Burgstall and down to the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen; from summit 2 ½ hours. With the cable car finally down into the valley.

Variant: The ascent can also be made via the Crostone di Croda Rossa/Rotwandköpfe (path marking no. 100). Here, an iron ladder approx. 8-metres high has to be mastered; other than that, there are no difficult sections. The climb then leads into the previously described ascent path. This variant is scenically more beautiful and recommended.

Alpine path

Hiking in Sesto/Sexten also means following in the footsteps of history. A special highlight is the via ferrata Alpini trail, which was built during the First World War by the Italian mountain troops and leads through vertical rock walls and deep gorges in 5-6 hours. A head for heights and  via ferrata equipment are absolutely necessary. From the Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte hut, follow path 103 to the right to the Rifugio Comici/Zsigmondyhütte hut (2,235 m). From the Rifugio Comici/Zsigmondyhütte hut on the trail 101/103 slightly downhill, then  a long traverse over the large scree slopes under the Cima Dodici/Zwölfernorth face in the direction of Forcella Giralba/Giralba-Joch. Shortly before the ridge, the Alpine path no. 101 turns left. The marked paths through the wide saddle separating La Lista/Hochleist from Monte Popera/Hochbrunnerschneide. At this point, a rock ledge begins, which ends in a deep canyon-like crevice. After the gorge, easier terrain follows, but soon you have to go around a steep, rope-secured rock face again into the cirque of the “outer hole” south of the Cima Undici/Elfer. This is circumnavigated, followed by an ascent to the somewhat more harmless west flank of the Cima Undici/Elfer to the Forcella Undici/Elferscharte (2,648 m). From there, you have the most beautiful view of the whole tour! Here, descend via path 124 (quite steep and lots of scree) into the Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley and hike back to Sesto/Sexten. It is possible to descend directly along path 122 to the top of the valley hut or along the more beautiful path no. 124 to the Dolomitenhof. Another possibility to reach the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiese and then continue down with the cable car is to follow path no. 100 or 124, a solution that allows you to avoid about 450 m of descent. You can also do this tour in the opposite direction.

Variant: From the Forcella Undici/Elferscharte, continue over the second part of the Alpini Trail to the Sentiero degli Alpini/Sentinellascharte and from there, descend into Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal or to the Prati di Croda Rossa/Rotwandwiesen. This section is reserved for experienced via ferrata climbers and leads over a narrow and very exposed rock band.

Cima Paterno/Paternkofel

The Cima Paterno/Paternkofel, this elegant peak southeast of the Tre Cime/Drei Zinnen Hütte hut with its long ridge foothills, also became famous through the mountain war in the years 1915-17. After the restoration of old war paths and tunnels from the Alpini soldiers, the Cima Paterno/Paternkofel has become a challenging destination for experienced via ferrata climbers. Despite the fixing points provided, it is necessary to be sure-footed and that you do not suffer from vertigo. The 6- to 7-hour tour begins in Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal. From there, hike from the Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte hut and then on the trail 102 over the Val Sassovecchio/Altensteintal up to the Tre Cime/Drei Zinnen hut. From the hut on, continue along the path passing under the “Frankfurter Würstl” (popular climbing exercise tower) past to the tunnel entrance and upwards in it. From the inside of the mountain, you can see the unique panorama of the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites. Shortly after the exit, there is a rope-secured, steep spot, then a channel with a fine gravel layer that leads up into the Forcella del Camoscio/Gamsscharte. To the south-east of the fork, first go slightly to the left, then cut diagonally to the right up a gully (equipped with steps and steel ropes). Once out of the gully, proceed along a short ledge uphill, then turn right following the path on the rocks to the top, on which stands the crucifix with the plaque commemorating the climber Innerkofler.

Monte Piana

Monte Piana is also a famous panoramic mountain with a sad past, where you will find many remains and tunnels from the First World War. The 4- to 5-hour tour starts at the car park at the Hotel Drei Zinnenblick. The path leads first through the Val di Landro/Höhlensteintal valley and then on the Pionieri/Pionier trail steeply up to an abandoned military cemetery. Shortly afterwards, you have two options to reach Monte Piana: to the left, on a  via ferrata of medium difficulty or to the right, on an easier via ferrata. Once at the top, enjoy the magnificent view of the Three Peaks and the Cristallo. Pass old trenches and war posts, walk south to the Carducci pyramid, then briefly towards the north and on the tourist trail down to Carbonin/Schluderbach and back to the starting point.

Tip: From the southern peak of Monte Piana, there is a possibility to descend to the nearby Bosi hut (2,205m), which takes 45 min. It is also possible to take a jeep taxi from Misurina lake to the Bosi hut.

Anyone who has ever come to Sesto/Sexten for a hike or conquered the peaks of the unique Dolomites wants one thing above all: to come back again and again. One holiday is not enough to discover the land of the Three Peaks and experience the magic of the Dolomites. What are you waiting for? Book your next holiday at our hotel in Sesto/Sexten in the Dolomites!