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Our hotel in Sesto/Sexten – your holiday home in the Dolomites

Are you looking to experience more on holiday? More excitement? More enjoyment? More freedom? Welcome to our hotel in Sesto/Sexten, your holiday retreat for wonderfully relaxing days. The Hotel St. Veit, a first-class wellness hotel in Sesto/Sexten, is located in the charming village of Sesto/Sexten in the heart of the Dolomites. The view of the impressive rock formations rising into the bright blue sky is simply breath-taking. These rock giants, which characterise not only the landscape but also the people who are lucky enough to live around them, emanate a very special energy. In this setting, much of what happens in everyday life suddenly seems so trivial. This is also why our hotel in Sesto/Sexten is the perfect holiday home for relaxation seekers who want to experience a lot on holiday in Sesto/Sexten. Just outside the hotel door, you will find plenty of activities all year round. Good food, wellness, adventure, nature – what more could you ask for?

The hotel in Sesto/Sexten with 4 stars and 50 years of hospitality

Our grandfather Franz Happacher had always dreamt of opening a hotel in Sesto/Sexten near the Three Peaks. And in 1969, his dream became a reality when he welcomed his first guests to the 3-star hotel in Sesto/Sexten. Our grandfather was a pioneer. In 1977, he remodelled the hotel and added a wellness area, where Alpine wellness using natural products was offered. The hotel in Sesto/Sexten is now run by the third generation Karadar family. Over the years, it has transformed into what it is today: a holiday home with comfortable rooms, suites, and apartments where you will feel at home right away. Since 2006, our wellness hotel in Sesto/Sexten has belonged to the Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol, a hotel cooperation dedicated entirely to a healthy and conscious Alpine lifestyle. Despite all the changes which have taken place over time, one thing has always remained unchanged: the warm hospitality with which the Karadar family takes care of you from morning till night.

Enjoy life at a 4-star hotel in Sesto/Sexten

Pleasure for all the senses – this is our top priority at our 4-star hotel in Sesto/Sexten. Every day, our creative kitchen team will enchant you with the best that South Tyrolean cuisine has to offer. Select gourmet menus are just as much a part of our chef’s range as the reduced-calorie Vitalpina® menus for the health-conscious and special dishes for guests who suffer from food intolerances, or have to follow a special diet. The staff in the wellness area of our hotel in Sesto/Sexten also know exactly what they are doing. Entrust your well-being to expert hands and let yourself be pampered from head to toe. In the relaxed atmosphere of our rustic mountain village sauna, your body and mind can disconnect, while in the indoor pool of our hotel in Sesto/Sexten, you can go for a swim with a view of the mountain peaks.

A typical day at our hotel in Sesto/Sexten

Time seems to stand still at our hotel in Sesto/Sexten. The only schedule you have to follow during your holiday in Sesto/Sexten is your own. The soft rays of sunlight that shine through the window of your cosy room will wake you up in the morning with their warmth. When you open the balcony door and step outside, you will enjoy the magnificent view of the Dolomites and the pure mountain air that fills your lungs. The wonderful aroma of fresh coffee that whirls through will perk you up instantly. In the dining room of our hotel in Sesto/Sexten, everything is ready for a great start to the day: crisp bread, muesli, fruits, eggs, sweet delicacies, and hearty products from the region. The day at the 4-star hotel in Sesto/Sexten couldn’t begin any better than this. With all kinds of adventures in the mountains waiting for you – you have a lot to look forward to both in summer and in winter. The Dolomites will always be your faithful companion. Back at the hotel in Sesto/Sexten in the Dolomites, you can retire to the mountain village sauna and relax before your culinary experience in the evening.

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