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Wellness holiday in Sesto/Sexten – heartwarming

Pure relaxation in the mountain village sauna and indoor pool

Quick: out of your sportswear and into your cuddly bathrobe! Is there anything better than relaxing in the wellness area after an eventful day outdoors? Inspired by nature and the Alpine lifestyle, we have created a very special place for you where you can enjoy some peace and quiet after the summit victory: our mountain village sauna.

Take a seat in our Finnish Swiss stone pine sauna (90° C) with automatic infusion, in the Tyrolean bio sauna (65° C) with sitting area, in the Turkish steam bath, or in the infrared cabin for 2 people, close your eyes and let the pleasant warmth take you away. The waterfall with Kneipp stream and the tropical shower provide for cool refreshment after a sauna session and before you retire to the “Selchküche”, a former smokehouse, or let your gaze wander over the mountains in the open-air relaxation room on the sunbathing lawn. Let your thoughts run free. Do you just want to let yourself drift and enjoy the lightness of being? Then take a dip into our indoor pool.

Our sauna tips for you:

  • Take off your jewellery. The hot metal could cause burns.
  • When entering the sauna area, we ask you to disinfect your feet. Everything is provided for you to do so.
  • For hygienic reasons and to open your skin’s pores, you should take a warm shower and then dry off before going into the sauna. It will help you sweat.
  • Enter the sauna area without your swimsuit. Towels for the sauna are available in the entrance of the mountain village sauna.
  • If you have coloured hair, please wrap a towel around your head so as not to discolour the wooden benches.
  • Warm air rises, which means it is cooler on the lower benches than on the upper ones. Choose the elevation that is more comfortable for you.
  • After visiting the sauna, you should take a cold shower. This closes your pores and prevents further sweating. Treat yourself to a rest afterwards.
  • Listen to your body and adjust the duration of your sauna visit accordingly. After a rest phase, a second sauna session is possible.
  • Before, during, and after a sauna session, it is important to drink a lot, as sweating will cause you to lose essential fluids and mineral salts. Enjoy our pure, high-quality spring water.
  • If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, circulatory problems, heart problems, fever, or inflammation, a visit to our mountain village sauna is not recommended. During pregnancy and menstruation, you should also avoid going to the sauna.