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Massages in South Tyrol

Our comprehensive relaxation offer for you

Massages are among the most popular spa treatments in South Tyrol . They are relaxing , loosen up muscles and harmonise the body and mind. That's why massages are simply essential at our spa hotel in South Tyrol.

We have a vast range of massages on offer providing relaxation after an active day in the fresh South Tyrolean mountain air. Let yourself be pampered with one of our massages by our professional staff at the St. Veit spa hotel and leave all your everyday worries behind you. 

Classic full body massage
Relieves tension, loosens up muscles, stimulates circulation and improves your general well-being. The massage is geared totally towards your needs.
approx. 50 minutes EUR 67,00
Half body massage
To loosen up specific muscles, such as the back or legs.
approx. 25 minutes EUR 39,00
Facial and neck massage
Relieves tension, relaxes your facial muscles and smooths facial features.
approx. 25 minutes EUR 39,00
Stoneman sports massage using arnica
Relaxing and invigorating massage for your back and legs.
approx. 40 minutes EUR 57,00
Vitalpina® feel-good massage
Leg massage using juniper oil, which makes legs feel lighter again thanks to its regenerating effect that boosts circulation.
approx. 25 minutes EUR 42,00
Vitalpina® relaxing massage using juniper and apple extracts
Full body massage that provides deep relaxation and makes your skin feel pleasantly moisturised. Pamper your body and enjoy the wonderful feeling of well-being.
approx. 50 minutes EUR 74,00
Herbal stamp massage
Selected top quality herbs rebalance your body. Herbal stamps heated with steam stimulate circulation, have a relaxing effect and activate the metabolism.
approx. 40 minutes EUR 61,00
A very special back massage that releases blockages. Your physical and mental well-being are noticeably improved using a special heat treatment and cupping.
approx. 50 minutes EUR 69,00
Breuss massage
This gentle energising back massage helps to extend the spine. Deep relaxation is achieved using St. John's Wort oil releasing physical and mental blockages.
approx. 40 minutes EUR 55,00
Vital stone
A fascinating ritual that improves your physical and psychological well-being. Tension is relieved by placing warm basalt stones on you and the lymph system is stimulated by essential oils.
approx. 75 minutes EUR 105,00
Physiotherapy treatments
You receive physiotherapy treatment geared to your needs providing you with physical well-being and soothing any discomfort.
approx. 50 minutes EUR 60,00
Romantic candle-lit massage
The special active ingredients of myrtle, Japanese mandarins and sea algae make this massage an unforgettable experience for the body, mind and soul.
approx. 50 minutes EUR 71,00
Manual lymph drainage
The whole body is relaxed by this gentle massage technique. It activates the lymph system, drains tissue of stored water and reduces cellulite.
approx. 80 minutes
Manual lymph drainage – legs
Legs are relaxed by this gentle massage technique. It activates the lymph system, drains tissue of stored water and reduces cellulite.
approx. 50 minutes
This massage strengthens the immune system and stimulates the body's own healing powers. Circulation is boosted and a positive effect on your mind and soul improve your well-being.
approx. 50 minutes
Breathing and touch
A combination of gentle touch and breathing that leads to deep relaxation and well-being. Selected fragrances promote a positive mood and gentle touch supports breathing. This treatment is carried out with you dressed.
approx. 25 minutes
Breathing rhythm massage
Breathing and massage movements are coordinated; your breathing becomes deeper, more oxygen gets into your body and rhythmic massage relieves tension. Stimulating essential oils help release blockages and tension.
approx. 50 minutes
Massage with silvery quartzite
Due to its composition (quartz, tourmaline, zircon, etc.) silvery quartzite belongs to the “healing earths” group, with recognized medical efficacy. Silvery quartzite is extracted only in South Tyrol.
approx. 75 minutes EUR
  Purification ritual with silvery quartzite
During this treatment your body is deeply cleansed and toned, your metabolism is activated and the energy centres cleared of toxins. Let yourself be pampered by this ritual massage, that can stimulate all senses.
approx. 75 minutes EUR
NEW: Aromatic herb slippers
The “Aromatic herb slippers“ stimulate metabolism and blood circulation and help expel toxins from the body. They also release a beneficial warmth and produce a sensation of lightness in feet and legs.
approx. 75 minutes

Enjoy massages at the St. Veit spa hotel in South Tyrol and treat yourself to a relaxing pampering programme during your holiday in South Tyrol. Relaxation and well-being restore your body and mind's inner balance and give you energy for your everyday life.

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