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Sauna tip

Our mountain village sauna

We have a sauna tip for you! Relax in our mountain village sauna, the great sauna landscape of the St. Veit spa hotel. Cosiness and relaxation are given top priority here and as a hotel with a sauna we place great importance on you, the guest, enjoying an all-round feel good factor.

Our mountain village sauna has:

  • Finnish Swiss pine sauna (90° C) with automatic infusion
  • Tyrolean organic sauna (65° C) with corner seating arrangement
  • Turkish steam bath (45° C)
  • Infra-red cabin for 2 people
  • Waterfall with "Kneipp stream"
  • Tropical shower
  • Smokehouse for relaxing
  • Outdoor chill-out room in the sunbathing area (approx. 200 m²)

Our sauna tips for you:

  • Take off all your jewellery; hot metal might cause burns.
  • We kindly request that you disinfect your feet in the provided areas when you enter the sauna area.
  • For hygienic reasons and to open the pores of your skin, you should have as warm a shower as possible before the sauna; this will make you sweat more.
  • Admission to the sauna area is without any swimwear: towels are provided for the sauna in the mountain village sauna foyer.  
  • If you have dyed hair please wrap a towel around your head so that the wooden benches are not discoloured.
  • As warm air rises, it is cooler on the lower benches than on the higher ones; choose the temperature that is more pleasant for you.
  • You should take a cold shower after the sauna. This closes the skin's pores and prevents you from continuing to sweat. Then treat yourself to a break.
  • Listen to your body and stay in the sauna as long as it is comfortable for your body. After your break you can go into the sauna again.
  • It is important to drink lots before, during and after the sauna as you lose a great deal of liquid and mineral salts through sweating. Enjoy our excellent quality pure source water.

Using the sauna in this way has many advantages and a positive effect on the mind, body and soul. It strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles and improves sleeping problems. It also tones skin, detoxifies the body and stimulates circulation.

It is not recommended that you visit our mountain village sauna if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, circulatory problems, heart problems or have a fever or any inflammation. You should also avoid the sauna if you are pregnant or have your period.

Enjoy your visit to our mountain village sauna and follow our sauna tips. Then there is nothing more to stand in the way of infinite relaxation in cosy warmth!

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